Why work for us

Our people are an integral part of Papoutsanis over all these years. Our employee commitment has already given a century of life to the company and now papoutsanis continues to the next! Papoutsanis strategy and culture focus on them, confident that they consist the driving force for our business continuity and future growth. In this context, we place particular emphasis on hiring capable people who seek for knowledge and professional development. We reward initiatives and value our people investing in their continuing education and development.


Training is the pillar of every employee's growth and development. We believe that in addition to the on-the-job experience, training programs for technical, departmental and leadership skills are particularly important.

Recruitment - Job Opportunities

Our goal is to select the right human resources with the required skills for each position, at the right time. The process we are following is stable as objective and meritocratic as possible. The selection process includes a number of procedures, such as resume evaluation, interviews, skills tests, exercises, and selection centers.

School practice

You can do your School Internship with us by giving you the opportunity to see the subject you studied in practice.